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Parts of motherboard

This article will help you to learn basic parts of motherboard. To assemble and repair a computer, it is important to know each and every part of a computer system.

  1. Processor Socket
  2. RAM slots
  3. CMOS
  5. Expansion slots
  6. ATX power connector
  7. Cooling fan connector
  8. Front Panel connector
  9. VGA port
  10. USB port
  11. AUX port
  12. PS/2 port
  13. LAN port

1.Processor Socket

You can place your microprocessor on this slot.

2.Ram slots

You can place your RAM on these slots.


Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) is a battery and memory. CMOS used to store BIOS setting in the motherboard. It can also store computer date and time.


This is hardware. BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. Manufacturer store BIOS instructions inside the BIOS ROM.

5.Expansion slots

In these slots, you can place your expansion cards.

AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port): You can use this slot to place the graphics card.

PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect): You can use this slot to place sound card, network card, etc

PCI-e (Peripheral Component Interconnect express): This to replace older PCI slot. You can use this slot to place the sound card, network card, etc.

6.ATX power connector

You can supply power to the motherboard by using these connectors. You can find 20/24pins ATX connector and 4pins ATX connector on the motherboard.

7.Cooling fan connector

You can use these connectors to connect your cooling FANs.

8.Front panel connector

This is the most important connector to boot a computer.

9.VGA port

You can use Video Graphic Array (VGA) Port to connect the monitor with a VGA cable.

10.USB port

You can use this port to connect peripheral devices.

11.AUX port

You can use this port to connect speaker, microphone, headphone to get the audio.

12.PS/2 port

These ports are used to connect keyboard and mouse only.

13.LAN port

You can use this port to connect Ethernet cable or LAN cable.