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Types of Computer Monitor (CRT, LCD, LED, Plasma)

The display device is an essential part of a computer system. It helps to visually communicate and process information in the form of text, graphics, and video. A computer shows the processed output data on the display devices. A good quality monitor will provide you the best viewing satisfaction. There are various types of computer monitors, you will find on the market. This article will help you to find the best monitor for you.

What is a Computer Monitor?

A computer monitor is a display device. It is an output device, which visually communicates and processed information as text, graphics, and video. The computer monitor is also known as VDU (Visual Display Unit).

A cable connects the computer monitor to a video adapter or video card on the motherboard.

Types of computer monitor

There are four different types of computer monitors. All these monitors used differents technology.

  1. CRT Monitor
  2. LCD Monitor
  3. LED Monitor
  4. Plasma Monitor

1. CRT Monitor

CRT monitor

CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tubes

The CRT Monitor is similar to old Television. A CRT monitor contains a cathode ray tube.

What is CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)?

It is a large, sealed glass tube. The front of the tube is a screen and, coated with tiny dots of phosphor material.

The phosphor material glows when an electron beam moves back and forth. This way CRT monitor produces an image on the screen.

The quality of the CRT monitor depends largely on its resolution, dot pitch, and refresh rate.

CRT monitors are bulky and heavy. They consume higher electricity, produces lots of radiation.

2. LCD Monitors

LCD full form “Liquid Crystal Display”. All the old CRT monitors are mainly, replaced by the LCD monitors.

Generally, the LCD monitor contains liquid crystals with a backlight. The backlight always keeps the display on. The LCD monitors have layers of glass, polarized film, and liquid crystals.

LCD monitors are lightweight and compact. They occupy less space and consume less power. The quality of an LCD monitor depends primarily on its resolution.

There are two types of LCD technology.

  1. Active matrix technology: This technology is also known as TFT. TFT stands for “Thin Flim Transistor”.It is more reliable and provides better image quality.
  2. Passive matrix technology: This is not a very popular technology because it has a slower response.

3. LED Monitor

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode”. The LED monitors use light emitting diodes. They provide bright fluorescent light with minimal power consumption.

The LED monitor development, is based on LCD monitors. The only difference is the backlight. The pure LCD monitor uses cold cathode light as a backlight, otherwise, the LED monitor uses light emitting diode.

The LED monitor provides better image quality, sharpness as well as, better colors than the LCD monitor.

4. Plasma Monitor

The Plasma monitor is similar to LCD. In a plasma monitor, a layer of gas is used instead of, liquid crystal material. When voltage is applied, the gas releases ultraviolet light that causes pixels on the screen to form an image.


All these various types of computer monitors are used with personal computers.CRT monitor has sharper image quality compared to LCD monitors. If you need a good quality monitor, then always purchase an LED monitor. The LED monitor produces the best quality images, videos on the screen with sharpness, and accurate color. The LED monitors ensure near perfect picture quality for watching movies in full HD. The TFT technology is the most popular in LCD screens.