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Processors for mobile phone

Mobile processor (SoC)

The processor is an important part of a mobile phone. The mobile phone processor is also known as SoC (System on a chip). SoC performs all the tasks that you instruct your phone to do. The processor helps us to watch a video, listen to audio, to play games, to open multiple applications smoothly. The processor is the brain of our mobile phone. The mobile phone’s performance depends on processors.

The speed of an SoC depends on the number of instructions that can execute per unit time. Processor speed measures in gigahertz(GHz). Higher the processor speed better it can perform daily tasks on your mobile.

If multitasking is your priority then we need faster SoC as well as more cores in our processor. Higher nos of cores in a processor better multitasking experience.

Snapdragon, MediaTek is the most popularly used processor or SoC by mobile manufacturers.

Do you want to buy a mobile phone? Then the following list will help you to identify proper SoC for your phone.

Snapdragon SoC more reliable than others

SL NoSoC NameFrequencyCoreArchitecture
1Snapdragon 865+Up to 3.1 GHz864 bit
2Snapdragon 845Up to 2.8 GHz864 bit
3Snapdragon 835Up to 2.2 GHz864 bit
4Snapdragon 810Up to 2.0 GHz864 bit
5Snapdragon 670Up to 2.0 GHz864 bit
6Snapdragon 660Up to 2.2 GHz864 bit
7Snapdragon 650Up to 1.8 GHz664 bit
8Snapdragon 625Up to 2.0 GHz864 bit
9Snapdragon 630Up to 2.2 GHz864 bit
10Snapdragon 450Up to 1.8 GHz864 bit
11Snapdragon 435Up to 1.4 GHz864 bit
12Snapdragon 410Up to 1.4 GHz464 bit